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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 10, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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us is striking back. >>is time with economic sanctions. >>we will contin to apply onomic sanctions. until iran stopits terrorist activities and commit that it will never have nuclear weapons. >>the sanctns come as a result of the orion attack on us and allied troops iniraq in retaliation for a strike that killed qassem soleimani secretary of state mike pompeo continues to defend the rash now behind the attack that killed the iranian general we have specific information on an imminent threat. >>and that's threatstream included attacks on us embassies period full stop. >>but some members of congress are still estioning whether the attack was truly immint. meanwhile, iraniasay sanctions will not bring them to the table hthere you want to have a dialogue or you know you want to apply sanctis tensions, new details on the ple crash in iran that killed a 176 people aboard a
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ukrainian plane. >>we do believe it is likel that that plane was shut down by an iranian missile when we get the results of that investigation, i'm confident will we and the world will take appropriate actions in response iran denies the claim and says they're inviting international partners, including the us to investigate. >>we love our now kron 4 news. at least 2 people are dead a injured after a school shooting in torreon mexico, the city's mayor says that a udent. >>entered the school with 2 weapons. first reports say that that student shot a teacheand then apparently shot and killed himself. those ho were injured were ansported ta nearby hospital their condition remains unknown no word on a motive. >>3 weeks of waiting and no the house is set to send the articles ofimpeachment to the senate continuing the impeachment process of president trump washington corespondent kelli mayor has reaction now from congress and the white house. a phantom of the plant.
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>>and now, here'speaker pelosi may be ready as soon as next week on friday, she announced plans to select house managers and then send the articles over her decision cos after significant pushback on her delay well, it seems reay odd that now about a 3rd or a 4th of the time that they tookfor impeachment they've now used ansitting on impeachment it just doesn't make sense to make north carolina senator thomtillis is criticizing the house speaker for delaying the process she called urgent and says his decratic colleagues were eager to begi congresswoman terri sewell is defeing the speaker strategy has nothing to do with the delivery be where the urgency of of articles of impeachment but rather. >>an inch and a sure us to to the american people that we will and in fact have a trial over on the senate sidend not just unfair vote ere at the white house members of the administration tell they've been waiting patiently for pelosi to make her move but tell me they are afraid for a senate trial to begin are well prepared to start
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tomorrow a special advisor to thpresident pam bondi says they want to t the impeachment trial behind them. >>get back to the work of the administration he took out one of the biggest terrorist in the world while he's under impeachment. it's unbelievable after the articles are formally said to the senate trial could begin by the end of next week. >>reporting in washinon, i'm kelly meyer. >>check out the weather around the bay area time now for the 4 zone forecast with meteologist mabrisa rodriguez high they so you high just se. yeah, let's take a look at your bay area forecast because we have pretty active weather, especially right off the coast, not on am i tracking king tides, but also a high surf advisory for the bay area coasine could see breaking waves as high as 25 feet in here's a look at the high tide time for your saturday morning could see the high tide as highs nearly 7 feet, but the low ti will be around 6 o'clock in the evening and that will also include the bay area's shoreline as well golden gate bridge out there right now looking great smooth
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sailing all clear for your friday night commute in teeratures as you head out the door widespread low to mid 50's and even some upper 40's for those of you in the north bay and even in london antioc 48 degrees right now but we're all going to cool down into the low to mid and upper 40's, thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover nother round of overnight showers set to impact the bay area into your turday morning could see about a 10th of an inch of rain or less but drying out and clearing out by or saturday afternoondowntown san francisco warming up to 55 degrees wind speeds will be a little bit gusty throughout the san francisco peninsula arou 35 miles per hour less mild temperatures for those of you know we'r not a 51 degrees 54 for san bruno 55 for burlingame ca foster city 56 degrees as is redwood city and those of you in the south 50's cupertino 57 degrees, san jose though flirtg with 60's but 50 degrees for your afternoon highs dublin, 52 degrees throughout the east bay shoreline idespread mid to upper 50's berkeley and richmond 57 degrees napa 56
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degrees for you and santa rosa 58 degrees says he te a look ahead at the extended forecast. >>here's a look at your 7 day outlook tracking for storms wiin the next 7 days. the first one arrives tonight, the second one will be on sunday mainly for those of you in the north and then the 3rd one will bring some gusty wind speeds and also drop mount snow levels in the bay area hills and mountains to as low as around 2500 feet with more significant storm pretty typical for mid winter here in the bay area on wednesday. all the way through friday that one could bring us abouan inch of rain along the coast an also wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour or less. the key and just think back to you all right and reset a california couple is facing charges after allegedly luring thieves. >>on to their propty and beating him with a baseball bat police say the pair used an unsecured bike as bait in order to entice these would be thieves. there is bad has the story. so here we have the
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bicycle left unattended by so your police sergeant celeste sanchez playing surveillance bi a left on the driveway of a home and of st. >>on they moments later savannah grill it and 25 year-old cordy core not what out of the hoe with bats in their hands assaulting the thief med with bats they were being with bats. >>and a severely injured. >>officers s the couple plan tothe bike as a decoys several times throughout july to november and someone too debates, they would film the entire ing to post on to youtube and facebook iwas the president. >>important center because it was it was almost every night for mitt may burke harris labeau says at first the neighbor had supported the coupleeven thanking them for keeping thief's off the street. >>but the support quickly diminish once people were seriously injured i you know, i'm not for not protecting your operty protect your property but at the same time
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ere's a fine line when they're starting to. kind of and do it kind of for other reasons because they were filming it and they were you know coming on line in getting a lot of support sanchez says at least one of the vicms went to the hospital to be treated for their injuries definitely disturbing. >>i would like for action to be taken againsthese people for what they've done these these victims. >>this happened in the central valley that was made arrows bad reporting for us tonight police arrested the uple and booked them on charges, including assault with a deadly weapn and conspiracy. om homelessness to wifire fires a governor newsome unveils his dget for lifornia, incling a plan to give teachers thousands of dollars plus we' going to talk some tech the major electronics conference is now wrapping up in las vegas. we take on
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we tried to get the politicians
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to deal with the problem. but they wldn't. so we took it to the voters anforced big tobacco to pay its share of healthca costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results.
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that'sot something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen. >>well the consmer electronics show comes to an end in las vegas that event wrapping up after days of new gadgets crazy innovations and a whole lot of robots karin caifa has more. >>well most of us mning begins when coffee is more. and for those very specific about here that coffee comes from a this app from ibm uses block chain to trace the beans from farmer to hurry stance. morning run a sick showing a prototype of the smart shoes with built-in sensors to deliver rl-time feedback slated to debut later this
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year. after that workout breakfast, impossible foods at c e s goers lining up for a taste of its plant based force which debuted at the show as we look at the globalpork is the most ubiquitous me in the world. >>the key ahead to dinner tonight leave it to julia cooking how smart countertop unit finds recipes orders groceries cooked ingredients and cleans itself. speaking of cleaning up callers moxie showerhead has amazon's alexa built-in plua bluetooth speaker from morning podcast or show or sing along at 7 our harge you're going to run out of hot water before you run out of battery power says are newly smart toilet is completely hands free with heated seats and mood lighting and if you find so shorthanded and tell you the robots do just about everything. >>and now here come my roles sherman's rot was designed to deliver with little droids controlled by your smartphone which you may also used to help this flying taxiy hyundai has an uber for your future morning commute in las
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vegas. i'm karen caifa. >>i have 5 had slept th all the rest and come to lieve this had pam brand new never worn here mfirst customer it. kind high cost $0 half a a cause for it. next a san francisco icon is set to retire no not pam moore t the beefeater so we're going to take a look behind the sces at us. >>scenes at the life of a personality like no other the
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>>one of san francisco's most beloved people is nearing retiment tom sweeney will be hanging up his white press llared shirt and that signature beefeater jacket afr more than 4 decades as the chief doorman at downtown san francisco's sir francis ake hotel say it not so yeah, the 62 san fransco native is retiring sunday. >>after 43 years oopening doors for movie stars, politicians and tourists from all over the world. back in conference pam moorshe met wh sweeney and learned how he got his start of san francisco's most well known dorman. >>we've got to give them a job, it's it's such a great job i just love the speaker at site going on stage it's really got me commend the steel and a ndmark hotel and
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it's a great feeling in all the sudden you're on. >>in a 2018 high-tech sophisticated ciy like san throwback he is the lead or man working at the sir francis drake hotel for 42 years now. >>my mommythe general manager the hote she got me a summer joas a doorman but really i s when e going the since the fire police but i was still too young and then the since the fire please come in many years lar to come in and can lead this great jobs that rman his fame started hen he tackled 2 robbers outside e hot in 1981. >>the job has been good to him and he has been go for the job. >>his lifetime collection prove tt the hotel has used his image the premium against tags. postcards they got me on all the room keys. i got my au rink a sweet heating at the southern family and all. >>but thompson need all his home is jam-packed with pictes newspaper clippings
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flyers ana plaque and proclamation for thomas we day in the city and the feeder uniforms but i have 46 uniforms i still have first uniform right here. >>look this. >>this was $600 m in 42 years ago, why people he no memories i've done the bay to breaks am i play on the and the rest us apart for have been in commercials. i think everyo has a memory he would die and fisa a 24 years old here i got the win montana clark to montana all the movie stars julie roberts and mary carey john travolta sharon stone. tony blair, the uniforms date back to 1600 britain than the beefeatersprotected the monarchy tacy their food to make sure it wasn't poined the i want >>nturies later the bp there aattraction in life that comes days at work. yet despite the movie stars the digniries and the thing is
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stil a down to earthfamily man a hometown gu >>didn't get the high and it is not 3 people have jobs on the the cape cursein on the drivers all these years and claim that the $14 since the firemen, cops say what score we're all afr together from his 40 years her stump, how street he's seen a lot of anges >>and uber and lyft that things really changed the transportation business limos all those companies are going out of biness. it says homeless things out of contol car break ins. i mean you never sathat in my whole career kim riswell that $0.50 mister now the $7 for tom sweeney has proved that a job like life is what you make it not accomplice more than a matching it's been great run into ground and y. >>that was awford's pam moore reporting for us tonight. sweeney's last day as we said earlier is sunday. so there's time to say hi. he plans to spend time with his
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family says especially as for grand ks. he says up you may donate some of his memorabilia. a lot of those suitto good causes. so he'll be saved cleaning bills shouldn't. >>and for your money now if you're looking fora job the us ceus bureau is looking for you right now there are thousands of jobsavailable for 2020 census, takers in both alama and contra costa the census is having a hiring fair. it runs tough saturday. it's an oakland and also in san ramona to try to fill all those fake in spots. >>we have a goal of o selecting or or finding about 6,000 were abou60% to our goal right now we've got about a half 9 weeks of her recurring cycle left so there's plenty of opportunity or people that want to have the reason thdecent paying jobs. they're flexible people can work. nights weekes work around existig jobs. >>the us census hiring fair in
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san ramon is on saturday from 10:00am until 0300pm the you have to be at least 18 ple years old and a united stas citizen. you can also apply online at 20 census dot gov slash shops, the economy added 145,000 new jobs last month that's 100,000 fewer than in november about 40,000 st than the erage over the past 3 months. it was enough to keep unempyment s 3.5% though that maintains a very historic low november sigh masse boost to new jobs when general motos workers returned after a strike. the retail sector helped in december when it added 41,000 jobs for the busy holiday shopping season. >>governor vin newsom unveiled the state's budget the spending plan is billion t of money. it covers and a vast array of big issues facing california the govern already proposed spending llion to confrontthe
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homelessness crisis and today he revealed the plan to address the. >>affordability crisis newsom announced a new cow are acts generic drug program it would ma california the first state to do so also the budget includes a plan to pay for health care for people, 65 and older ling in the country illegally. >>the proposed hiring nearly 600 firefighters over thenext 5 years increasing the number of year round engines. also providing support for state firefighr health and wellness and spending a $100 million on fire resistant homes. >>the governor is proposing a historic lev funding for k through 12 sools. part of that is a plan tgive $20,000 stipends to teachers high need schools. >>to do in $20,000 statements. if you teach for yearswhen we're going to create in ool. economic incentives $20,000 statements.and that's a million commitment just in this budget year to award.
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thosteachers for doing the rit thing. >>and this just a first ep in may newsome will vise his plan. one state officials have a better estimate of just how mu money the state will collect in taxes this year. state lawmakers have until june 15th t vote on the budget proposal and then send it to the governor for his approval. >>sports the 40 niners continuing their preparation for their matchup ainst the vikings on saturday marked carpeer has the latest updates and time now for has
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sports. >>nd you wonder what the niners might be doing tonight. help prepare army. watching from for carbon it exactly they want you know get rey for this game as well so much to talkabout gong to be a big day at levi stadium tomorrow 40 niners vikings, >>winner moves on to the nfc . championship. the big headline toy out of santa cla inside linebacker kwon alexander activated from injud reserve coming back from that pack turrell injury suffered a little bitore tn 2 months ago so be analyzing the chips checking in with players and coaches and also analyzing the rest of landscape here we go the nfl season is winding down bay area sports night 7 o'clock on
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e kron on app back to you they're stretching talpe trashing stretch a non sleeve. >>all right with e new year comes new money the federal reserve says 5 new quarters will be in circulation this year the quarters arpart of the government's america, the beautiful program depicting national pas and other national sites. some of the national parks featured include the national park of samoa the we're farm national historic site showing the studio the famous painter julian where and the marsh billings rockefeller national will be released next month er and the rest of the corner go into circulation. throughout the year. >>let's check in with our meteorologist forfree so rodriguez as we take this live look outside at term sco's market there it's almost the weekend almost the weend and enjoy the wolf moon out there he first full moon of the year and let'stake a look at our bay area forecast out therright now for the 40
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niners big playoff game on turday afternoon kickoff at one 30and we're going to notice moing showers for yoursaturday morning t then drying out just in time for that kick off at one 30 in the afternoowith temperatures in the mid 50's when speeds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles r hour. so enjoy your game day forecast for those of you luy to attnd weak stm will impactthe bay area during the overnight hours and we could see about a 10th of ainch of rain or less with the highest mounts for those of you in the north bay, daytimehighs for tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 50's and this is going to be one of 4 storms aking its way in the next 7 days. >>go niners to 9 or so we'll see u for more news coming up during prime time in 8, 9, and 10 o'clock tonight.
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>> she is out of here. meghan markle flees england. >> what we havelearned about her whereabouts today with baby archie. >> what oprais saying about wh she said about meghan stepping back from the royal family. why are they bulldozing the site of thdowned plane in iran. >> what evidence was here is just not here anymore. >> it is amazing that they would allow th to happen. plus, the grandparents' plea for tw


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